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Earth Mapping International (EMI) is a US-based research and consulting firm specializing in the following strategic disciplines:

climate change studies topographic mapping
geodesy and geophysics engineering mapping
security & emergency information management systems orthophoto production
utility systems database design and maintenance land use/cover mapping
geomatics high accuracy GPS and photo control surveys
digital photogrammetry LiDAR

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) and Geospatial Database Portals (GDPs) are the core and integrated products for many applications, including national security, climate change studies, and ecofriendly infrastructure development. The firm utilizes hardware, software and equipment platforms including: Intergraph, Trimble, Leica, Optech, and Scintrex hardware and a wide range of related software to process over 20 Terabytes of data. Services of the firm are offered in the areas of consulting, training, and research. We are prepared to respond as prime or sub-consultant and are available for teaming arrangements.

EMI is certified by various agencies such as: 8(a) SDB and BDP by the US SBA, DBE by GDOT and MARTA. EMI has developed a presence and considerable experience worldwide; thus, our services are offered to a wide range of international governments, relief agencies, humanitarian entities, foundations, multinational corporations, as well as sub-units of governments including provinces, prefectures, states, counties, and cities.

Motto - Democracy is our Mother, Science is our Father, and Humanity is our Nation.