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EMI Consortium has developed online courses to cover climate change studies that are also relevant to professional engineers/surveyors, foresters, and environmental professionals. These courses are only offered to our project clients at this time. However, the Consortium will launch these courses to general public worldwide in 2016, by which time the course list will exceed to 100.

Tropical Meteorology Airborne LiDAR (green-band) for Near Shore Bathymetry
Numerical Weather Prediction Digital Photogrammetry for Resource Mapping
Hydrometeorology Astronomy & Earth System
Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources Physical Geodesy & Earth System
Atmospheric Science Applied to Agricultural Engineering Gravity Surveys for Mapping Ground Water Reservoirs
Impact of Climate Change on Agri-businesses Hyperspectral Imaging for Study of Water Quality
Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Hyperspectral Imaging for Study of Soil Characteristics
Geodesy and GPS for Earth Scientists GIS Modeling for Climate Change Studies
Remote Sensing for Climate Change Studies Geospatial Database Portals for Climate Change Studies
Remote Sensors Applied to Atmospheric Studies GIS Models for Emergency Forecasting & Preparedness
Land Use Land Cover Change Studies Using Remote Sensing GIS and Weather Models for E911
Airborne LiDAR for Studying Geomorphology  

We team up with local NGOs/INGOs, corporations, and or universities for national or international projects.